Stress Less was founded by Trish Munro who has over 20 years’ experience of working in the yoga and education industry.

Trish was an aspiring swimmer growing up, but soon discovered she had a hip deformity and had to give up on her dream. After years of pain and multiple operations, doctors informed her that she had chronic arthritis in both hips and would need them both replaced within a year.

Trish, however, disagreed. She decided to fight the fate that was handed to her and forge a new path in life. This new path took the form of yoga; a path that enabled her to put off a hip replacement for over 20 years.

22 years later, and she is still going strong on the other hip.

Stress Less founder Trish Munro

For 18 years, she has been a fully trained yoga teacher.

The journey, which began for physical reasons, soon became much more. It became apparent to Trish that the mental journey she went through was at least as important, if not more. It was this blend of physical activity and mental fortitude that gave her strength, and it was this strength she wanted to give to others.

She went on to found The Yoga Factory, which specialised in writing courses for school teachers to teach in school. She wanted all children to learn about, and understand, the importance of maintaining a healthy body and healthy mind; something that had eluded her in her youth.

She devised a series of simple exercises revolving around breath control and relaxation. The experience gained through dealing with school teachers and the help and joy it gave to children, motivated her to write this course – Stress Less.

Stress Less is a practical stress management course with the emphasis on promoting greater health and wellbeing in the workplace. A healthier body and mind ultimately leads to a more positive environment for the individual and the business as a whole.

The course has been designed around 3 core principles

About Stress Less · Stress Management Course · 3 Steps

Every principle has simple techniques within them to help people manage their stress on a daily basis.

We provide open courses throughout the UK and also do in-house courses for both employees and line managers. We are passionate about helping people enjoy their work environment, and through learning some simple techniques, we can help turn a moment of stress into a moment of positive thinking.

Choose Stress Less and learn to function at your highest possible level for longer.

What our customers are saying about the courses we offer

“Thoroughly enjoyed the course and found it extremely useful.”

“The cd is a very nice touch to the course and it was very interesting”

“Trish was very open and had a very calm voice which helped me a lot. She made the course easy to follow and I will take a lot away from the session.”

“Trish is very knowledgeable and she opened my eyes to lots of areas in which I can improve my stress levels and relaxation techniques.”

“A very enjoyable and informative course.”

“I learnt some very simple and easy techniques to help me to cope in stressful situations.”